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Astrographics takes the issues of security and privacy seriously. That's why we have adopted security and privacy policies that are designed to ensure that your interactions with us are 100% secure and private.

Astrographics processes all internet transactions using secure shop front software based on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is the industry standard method of encrypting information to be exchanged over the internet. Using SSL, all transaction information (including your credit card number, name, and address) is encrypted before being sent from your computer to the Astrographics server. This information can be unencrypted only by Astrographics and cannot be read by anyone else as it makes its way across the internet. These security precautions assure that your personal transaction information remains absolutely confidential.

Astrographics pledges never to provide any personally identifying information about you to any other company without your specific knowledge and consent.

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